We Are Back

We are back with our business and with that comes our brand new website. Unfortunately, there is not much to see here at the moment but our best team works on it night and day and you shall see the results as soon as possible.

We are all about consulting so that’s what you’re gonna see here for the most part. We also plan to publish some stories, maybe even personal stories from our business lives. If you find them compelling or at least worth noticing, please let us know and we shall add some more. Everyone likes to read about other people’s misfortunes and that’s exactly what you’re gonna find here next to our regular consulting stuff.

The overall progress in the consulting world has established itself at a stable, yet progressive pace and we don’t expect this to change anytime soon. The key elements of the business are pretty much cemented and drastic changes are rare. But of course, there is plenty of space inside of the industry for new players to “make it” and maybe even come up with some new strategies, tactics or just little changes. As they say, the sky is the limit. Welcome to the world of consulting, dear friends.